Women’s ultimate Crossfit fear: looking like a man

I feel that our generation is coming around in terms of understanding that women can do more in the gym besides the elliptical and eat more than salads.  As Crossfit increases in popularity, more women are drinking the kool-aid and walking into the gym to give it a go.  However, I still sense a hesitation from many when it comes to really lifting heavy and eating more than 1300 calories a day.  This hesitation seems to come from a fear of the idea that women who lift heavy turn into men.  In the article I give four tips for women to embrace their genetic potential.  I wrote this article for  IF-Fit.com where I coach, so give the article a read (yes men can read this as well)!

I have heard it all from having pecs that  make strapless tops not so flattering to having traps that make your guy friends jealous. There is also a good chance I have both of these wonderful qualities and you know what, I could care less, nor do I think these things make me look anything like a man!  So before you decide to skip out on squat day in fear you may produce a quarter bouncin’ rear that would ensure you would have to buy new jeans, read through these 4 tips to embracing your genetic potential….as a woman!

1.  Find Your Ideal Physique

So first off ladies, you need to evaluate what you see as your ideal physique, determine whether or not it is realistic, and then figure out what you can do to get there.  The key component is picking an ideal physique that your genetics are capable of producing, and fortunately for us women, genetics does not allow us to look like men without the help of illegal assistance. Lindsey Valenzuela could never look like Christmas Abbott because she does not have the petite frame and most likely, Christmas could never look like Lindsey unless she stopped doing all forms of cardio and ate everything in site, and even then, most likely she would not accomplish this.

2.  Learn to Love Your Body

Crossfit is known to enhance muscle mass and be a great way to burn a crap ton of calories which can lead to a leaner physique (diet permitting).

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