WOD “Filthy Fifty”

Originally Posted On August 1, 2012

Today for my workout I did the “Filthy Fifty” off of Cranberry Crossfit’s Facebook page. Here was the WOD:

50 reps of each and must finish each exercise before moving on to the next.

box jumps (20″) -I had a 20 1/2″ box
jumping pullups
kettle bell swings (35lbs)
walking lunges
knees to elbows- these were not correct form..they were more knees to pits..will have to fix for next time
push press (45/35) -I used a 45lb bar
back extension
thrusters (45/35) – I used a 45lb bar
double unders
I mixed up the order to what I thought would be the best way to attack the WOD. The hardest exercises were the push presses and thrusters followed by the knees to elbows (or pits in my case). Back extensions surprisingly killed my hamstrings, but that could be because I did box jumps, kettle bell swings, and walking lunges right beforehand. The easiest ones were the walking lunges and double unders. I still have a lot of room for improvement with double unders (considering this is my third day of doing them), but I did these first thinking that being fresh would increase the likelihood of completing multiple reps in a row before failing.

Total Time: 31:26


My festive USA tank and my awesome polar watch! I love using my heart rate monitor while working out to see my heart rate as well as the estimated caloric expenditure. As you can see, my max heart rate was 178bpm during this workout, but since I am still fairly out of shape, I am ok with this since I was having trouble getting it above 160-170bpm for the past couple months. Ideally it will be in the 180′s. My average heart rate listed is a little lower than it actually was during workout since I let it run for an extra 10 minutes post WOD. I usually will stop it once my heart rate drops below 100bpm.

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