Whole Foods and Arctic Zero Ice Cream

Originally Posted On September 4, 2012

Two weeks ago I was in Wexford, PA and just had to stop into the new Whole Foods they recently opened. Let me just tell you, I love Whole Foods. I get the same giddy feeling that I occasionally get walking into Starbucks or a bookstore. I am not sure why, but I think it is the combination of a whole store stocked with healthy items, the freshness of all of their products, and the multitude of options whether it is grains or nuts that you can bag yourself. And to top my experience off, the woman at the register asked if I had a long drive home (which I did), and then proceeded to get a bag of ice in order to keep my frozen items cold! What service!

But anyway, as I was strolling down the isles, I came to the ice cream isle. I decided to see if they had Arctic Zone since I recently read about it and have been wanting to try it. I ended up getting about 5 different flavors, and two more since then–got to try them all, right? Arctic Zone is ice cream that has only 150 calories per pint, 0g of fat, 6g of carbs, and 3.4g of protein! The protein comes from whey protein concentrate. Out of all of the flavors I have tried so far (strawberry, vanilla maple, chocolate mint, cookies and cream, coffee, and chocolate peanut butter), I would have to say my favorites have been vanilla maple, strawberry, and coffee. Next would be chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint. The cookies and cream tasted more like cake batter, but not as good. I also just looked on their website and noticed an advertisement for pumpkin spice, so that will definitely be my next choice! For the nights you get cravings or want a treat, this ice cream is a great option! I will eat half a pint at most in one sitting and it definitely hits the spot, not the mention half of a pint is only 75 calories

Does it taste exactly like ice cream? Well no, it isn’t as creamy, but it is pretty darn close. Some flavors taste more natural than others, while some have more of a hint of protein powder taste. But hey, overall it is a great, healthier alternative!


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