What’s Up with the Crossfit Bug?

Originally Posted on July 31, 2012

This past weekend I went to Integrated Fitness in Bethel Park. Mike trains some of the Crossfitters there in Olympic Lifts and figured we could make a trip and do some lifts and possibly partake in a WOD (abbreviated for workout of the day). Integrated Fitness (IF) is owned by Jim Crowell and Josh Bobrowsky. The ”box” (term for a crossfit gym) itself is not what you may call “top of the line” compared to others, but it is fairly large yet comfortable, homey, and it has pretty much any piece of equipment you may need..as far as I could tell.

So we started off with Olympic lifts. I have been lucky enough to have been training Olympic lifts with Mike since last fall. I have come a long way to say the least since I have never done them before. This past week I finally got back into the lifts after a few months off due to either Mike having been gone for training/competition or me being busy working a part-time job back home so I kind of expected myself to be slightly rusty. But we started on snatch and I felt pretty good. I kept bumping up weight and either matched a PR or PR’d. Then we moved onto clean and jerks. Same situation, I kept moving up in weight and PR’d. I felt great! I would have to say it feels good lifting while not being on a caloric deficiency! But that was not the only factor. I was having a blast! The group of athletes that were there were very welcoming and it was enjoyable being able to lift with others instead of by myself. Next we did front squats. Mike had us do 2 reps of a weight until we felt we hit our max and then repeat for 3 more sets.

After about 2 hours of all of that, it was time for the WOD. We did a 2-team WOD and I got paired up with Jim. The WOD was:

6 prowlers
60 ring push-ups
1200m row
60 band elbows to floor
60 KB deadlifts into high pull
60 supermans
We split up the row by 200m which was genius since 200 was just the right length before you got too fatigued. We then moved onto ring push-ups where I did 10 reps, he did 20, I did 10, he finished with 20. We then split supermans and I did all of the band crunches since I figured I could move quicker since my torso is shorter. We switched every other time on prowler which killed the legs, and then finished with the KB’s where he did 34 reps and I finished the 26. We ended up with a time of 12:39 and won. Even though I knew I was out of shape, the WOD was perfect for me because I was tired after, but it was not ridiculously challenging.

On our way home, I felt great. Not just because it has been a while since I lifted that well and felt completely spent afterwards, but there was something else. The Crossfit bug. I am going to be honest. I do not think Crossfit workouts are genius. There are a lot of creatively minded individuals that could create Crossfit type workouts and I have been doing such things since I started coaching swimming along with a lot of other coaches in order to mix up training. So the workouts aren’t some newly invented way of training. And even though Crossfit gives you a great workout and can improve your physique, that is not why Crossfit has become so widespread.

What I realized as I was changing out of my sweaty clothes that afternoon was that it reminded me of my collegiate athletic career. From the team-like atmosphere to the opportunity to selfishly think about yourself and your body while you are there like any athlete should. It brought back that feeling that I enjoyed so much being with my teammates that pushed and supported each other. I really felt like I was part of a family, just like my team at Toledo. I then thought, but what about those who never played sports in college? Well, that is why they enjoy it too. They get to feel what us former athletes felt in college. It may not conjure up memories or emotions like it would in a former athlete, but they get to experience the emotions for the first time.

Do you have the bug?

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