What Motivates You?

We all go through life in our own unique way.  Some of us are extremely motivated and driven, while some of us simply drag ourselves through the drudgery we call our job/life, simply living for the weekends when we can escape.

So what life are you living?  Are you simply going through life or are you driven to accomplish something?  Far too many of us find the days turn into years without really analyzing our decisions and why we do the things we do.  We never ask ourselves if our actions are getting us closer to our goals–if we even have goals for that matter.  And living life without goals is like doing anything without any real destination in mind–simply doing it for..the fun of it, or just to do it?  Eeek–just the thought of it makes me cringe.  I am a total goal nut because I love pushing towards something and need to or else I am lost and unmotivated!

So what motivates you?  By finding what you are motivated by, you can set goals in line with your motivations thereby increasing your success rate.  For example, if I am motivated to be a successful athlete, I will set goals in order to get myself there and most likely I will enjoy working towards those goals because I am motivated to accomplish them.  On the other end of the spectrum, if I decide to set a ridiculous goal to date X number of times a month in order to achieve a goal of getting married by a specific age, I will most likely experience high amounts of anxiety because this goal does not align with my motivation of not settling because we all know you can’t find love when you want, unless you love money and just marry someone rich.

So tonight I write you what I am motivated by when it comes to my physical, career, social, and personal areas of life.  I challenge you to do the same and really be honest with yourself.


1.  I am motivated by my strong desire to be successful athletically, regardless of what realm I decide to compete in

2.  I am motivated to achieve and maintain a physique I am proud of


1.  I am motivated to make a positive impact/leave a lasting impression on people’s lives–via fitness and nutrition

2.  I am motivated to follow my passions so I can prove to doubters that I can do what I love and be successful–I refuse to live a life I am not in love with


1.  I am motivated to consistently improve myself (in all categories) in order to potentially make those who have walked away from me regret their decision—yea, my way of saying “suck it!”

2.  I refuse to settle for less than I think I deserve, regardless if I have “extremely high standards”


1.  I continue to strive to become closer to God because I think it helps keep me grounded, He deserves praise for all that he has blessed me with, and he pulls me from the shit I find myself trenching through sometimes in life

2.  I am motivated to better myself as a person because by doing this, I can effectively touch even more people’s lives


Yea yea, some of mine you may laugh at or think are vain, but they are mine and they are honest.  I don’t think it really matters what motivates you as long as you find what does in order to fully attack life and achieve what you want to accomplish in this life.  We only get one life, so find what motivates you and give yourself a chance to leave the impression you plan on leaving behind.


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