What is Your Motivation for Getting Boring Tasks Completed?

Originally Posted On June 11, 2012

Today I was in my weekly meeting with my boss when the power went out. It seems to be campus wide at the moment, but luckily the weight room for the varsity athletes had emergency lights so I got my lift in. However, all of my work that I needed to do required my computer/internet so back home I go! This is a nice excuse to be home since I needed to make protein for the next few days, but I also need to make sure I actually do some work since I am only on campus working twice a week. The other three days I am working at Finish First Sports Performance. It has been a great experience so far and I am learning a lot about programming for athletes. I am excited to continue learning over the next couple of months.

But back on topic. I was thinking about what to write today, hoping to hit on something more motivational. Then I started thinking of motivation itself and how it is the desire to do something. That got me thinking. What about motivation for the things we have to do but do not enjoy doing? For me this is paperwork. A lot of my job is desk work even though I am a coach. And with most things we lack motivation to do, I don’t enjoy it nor do I feel it is my strong point so I tend to put these tasks off or get easily distracted. But with all the tasks I have for work, grad school classes, internship hours, and of course my training and food prep, I really need to make sure I stay on task, become efficient with my work, and get stuff done!

I have created a list of tasks I will need to do for the upcoming season ranging from pre-travel setup to finding dates for our bi-annual swim clinic. Some tasks can simply be checked off, while others may be ongoing throughout the season, but at least I will have a list to remind me. By nature I am not an organized person, but by having a list I feel more organized and in control. With feeling in control and organized, I feel better and am more willing to attack projects that I need to do. It makes everything seem more manageable and helps me outline when things need to be done. The next step for my list is to set goal dates or deadlines for each task. That way I can put them on my calendar for when they need to be completed.

As for blogging, I have created a blog calendar! I am excited to start using it and got the free print-offs from Infarrantly Creative. She is a lefty as am I so I made mine exactly as described. This will hopefully help my organize my blog and create better posts!

Here is the cover of my blog. I got this done at Fed Ex Office for about $10. It is plain but I plan on putting the title of my blog on the cover..either in stickers or a print off of some sort:


And here is the inside. It opens up to the project ideas on the left and the months on the right (which are glued together so I can just take the top page off after each month). After each week, I can flip the weekly pages on the left underneath the monthly calendars.


What are some ways you have come up with to stay on task or motivated? Also, since I am now becoming more blog organized, if you have any suggestions for future posts, comment below!

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