Week One Recap of Break

Originally Posted On August 26, 2012

I have come to the completion of my first week off from weights and intense exercise. I have instead filled my week with yoga and two bike rides which are nice, but not comparable to the feeling of completely depleting myself via weights or the WODs I have been doing. I can’t wait for the remaining two weeks to be over! However, I can tell my knee is still inflamed since twisting it still bothers me and my wrist has not changed and is still swollen. I guess this is simply teaching me patience and has forced me into exercises that are more based around meditation and really absorbing my surroundings. With that being said, here are some pictures from my bike ride last night!

Didn’t want to be a total creeper and get caught, so I took a quick picture of half of the house. It is really cute!

This house I am in love with! It was once a barn built over 80 years ago and the owners transformed it into a house! You could see all the way through the barn from the glass front doors to the back doors.

Crossing over the railroad tracks on my way home as the sun is setting.


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