Vacation Recap

Originally Posted On July 9, 2012

I am officially back into the swing of things. I had a great time on vacation with my family! We didn’t even go shopping once, but if you have been to the Outer Banks before (we go almost every summer), you realize that not much changes in the way of shops so we just enjoyed laying low. One of our usual stops would be the Candy and Corks store. They sell everything from fudge to gummy worms to nuts. My personal favorite are the chocolate covered espresso beans..or anything covered in chocolate to be honest. But my family did a great job at resisting temptation as much as possible, maybe not so much to their liking, but I am sure their waistlines will thank me later! They felt bad since I had to stay strict to my diet or maybe I just had a positive influence on them– I would like to think so!

My sisters and I seem to have gotten my mom’s workout obsession gene. Every morning, we were out doing some sort of exercise whether it was my youngest sister taking walks on the beach, my middle sister running (for way too long in my book), or my mom who would ride her road bike for 1.5 hours every morning. In order to be able to stick to my workout plan, I brought my road bike, two 30lb dumbbells (DB), a 20lb DB, and a 15lb DB. Unfortunately, my bike doesn’t seem to like when I take it to the beach because for the second year in a row, my inner tube blew. I don’t think I ran over glass like I knew I did last year when I attempted swerving around it. But sure enough, Tuesday morning I planned on going for my 2nd ride for the week and my back tire was completely flat. I was mad, but I knew I had to switch to plan B–find a gym. I joined Pine Island Racquet and Fitness Center for the remainder of the week for $50. The gym had 4 ellipticals, 4 treadmills, 2 bikes, and about 12 pieces of equipment and free weights. It was a smaller facility, but it had enough of everything to work legs or upper body efficiently.

Tuesday morning, my sisters, mom, and I all woke up around 5:20am and poured ourselves a cup of coffee and walked (or they rather seemed to be running) to the beach in order to see the sunrise.

Unfortunately it was a cloudy sky so we did not get to see the sun, but Thursday morning I woke up and decided to take a little walk on the beach and try to catch the sunrise before I headed to the gym.

The best part of the vacation for me was having a week where I did not have to respond to emails or anyone in general. I got the chance to read 3 books (still working on the 4th) and simply relax and de-stress. I alternated between pleasure reading (no I did not read 50 Shades) and “growth” books. I enjoy both so it wasn’t a struggle to get through the growth books in order to read something fictional. I got some great ideas and learned quite a bit throughout the week of reading and by the time Friday rolled around, I felt content with my week and was OK with the idea of going back to real life. I was telling my mom this is the first year that I have felt this way, but I think it is because I am excited to apply what I have learned and continue to pursue my passions!

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