How to Transform in 4 Weeks

“I just really want to know how some people can get such fast results in let’s say a month’s time?  For example the client you posted about yesterday.  That was an amazing transformation for just 4 weeks.”

I was having a conversation with a mentor client of mine and he was explaining his frustration with having his clients or gym members coming into the gym wanting results in unrealistic or rather, unhealthy, time frames.  “They see these pictures on social media and wonder why they can’t see change that quickly.  It makes those magazine promises seem realistic–follow this diet and lose 20 lbs in a month”.

Here is the picture I posted:


So I told him exactly what I did for her macro wise.  She came to me eating at or under 1000 calories (depending on the day), so I started her with 1250 calories a day for the first week.  Three weeks later, she was already up to 1570 calories a day.  There is no secret or crazy approach.  I reverse dieted her and she responded well to it so I was a bit more aggressive than if she would have gained weight off of my initial prescription.

Reverse dieting a client that has been low calorie is always like eating a chocolate from a variety box without a guide as to what you picked.  There may be some clues as to how I think the client will respond, but I never truly know until we get started.  I have had a client gain weight for 4 months straight on a reverse diet before her body finally decided to turn things around and lose what it gained and then some.  I have also had clients, like the woman above, respond instantly!  I could market myself as being a genius because I may look like I can make miracles happen, but honestly, I got “lucky”.  There is no magic involved, her body just responded well, she worked hard at hitting the numbers I gave her, and wallah!  Sorry, I know, what a let down.

There is also another way to see very fast results.  Do something drastic.  If you haven’t starved your body before, you should really try it.  Yes, I am totally IMG_3612kidding, but it does work.  The problem is that it works once, and what you are left with afterwards, is not pretty most of the time.  After trying to diet for a figure competition on anywhere from 1000-1400 calories, I was left with 30 extra pounds two months later (15 more than where I started), IBS, intolerances to foods that I didn’t have previously, more fat stored on my abdomen than ever before, and an inability to want to even look at myself naked.  It has taken a solid 2-3 years to change my 160-165 body into what it is now (something that I love more than my 130 body) and there is no way I ever want to even attempt to go back, but I really don’t think by body would even let me.

There are times when I am cutting 40-100 calories off of a clients macros and see change.  Why would I need to cut 250-500 every single time?  I don’t.  Maybe I have a more conservative approach, but I want my clients to be healthy, to feel good in the gym, decrease the risk for injury, decrease the amount of stress a deficit puts on the body, and I know what being in a significant deficit for too long does to someone and the issues that can arise from binging to fearing food.  If I can minimize the hunger and minimally cut calories in order to see results, why would I go about it any other way?


Now let’s talk marketing.  Who posts negative testimonials?  We all post our best transformation pictures because that is business.  But think of the clients they aren’t
posting about.  What percentage
of all the clients that buy templates for IMG_3654example actually see the results they are looking for?  I know personally I have had a few clients from a low calorie system come to me because they couldn’t lose the weight on the low calorie plan.  After feeding them more, they started to lean out.  So instead of wasting their money on a plan not tailored to them specifically, they could have spent that money working with me and actually getting closer to their goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                 (More like flexed vs relaxed–yes, relaxed)

I am not trying to toot my own horn, all I am trying to get across is that 1. diets are better done correctly and more slowly to maintain all around health and 2. there is no reason to buy a template when you can hire someone who will tailor your plan to you specifically!  Obviously not all coaches are equal, but find one that you can align with, who offers you what you are looking for service wise, and one you will feel comfortable communicating with because without communication, there is no coaching.

If you guys have any questions regarding coaching, macros, eating for your goals, etc, just let me know!  You can email me at

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