Toledo Wedding and Old Friends

Originally Posted On August 13, 2012


This past weekend I road-tripped to Toledo for a former teammate’s wedding. However, the word teammate does not accurately describe our relationship. We were on the same recruiting trip together and connected right away. When we both decided that Toledo was the place for us, we chose to room together. We were both breaststrokers, making it a challenge at times to also be roommates, but I believe after freshman year, we became closer. We had our moments, but like family, we got over it and loved each other at the end of the day.

With the rain and construction, I was lucky to have made it to the church with 4 minutes to spare. The ceremony was beautiful and the bride and groom were very emotional, as well as very much in love with each other. Unfortunately, I get slightly emotional when I see others crying, so I teared up as well throughout the ceremony. After the ceremony we went to the reception at a castle, or so it seemed. After a fun night, I stayed with another teammate and passed out around 1am–no it was not alcoholic induced. I didn’t even move until 7am when my alarm woke me up, for my workout of course! I dropped in at Crossfit Toledo and successfully got my butt kicked! Joe Lengel, the owner of Crossfit Toledo, placed 6th at the Games in the masters division–interesting side note! Here was the WOD:

Partner WOD-you have a partner and go through the WOD together– I believe it was mostly for enjoyment purposes since it didn’t really effect the WOD. Everyone must do all of the reps and only one person works at a time. So you could break it up any way you wanted (ex: 10 reps, i could do 5 then my partner could do 5 then I would do my 5 remaining reps and my partner would then complete theirs).

5 rounds of:

100m run (partners run this together)
10 thrusters at 75lbs
15 pullups
20 donkey kicks
25 squat jumps
Hardest exercises were the thrusters and pullups– I need to learn how to do kipping/butterfly pullups!

After I got back and showered, I met up with a few more teammates at breakfast before the journey home. It was great being able to see them and it reminded me of how much I miss them and how much we have all grown. It has been almost 3 years since I was last in Toledo, and it brought back a flood of emotion and memories. Even though most memories were happy, I couldn’t help but to feel sad. Each new chapter in our lives coincides with another chapter’s end. We get older, we grow as people (hopefully for the better), and we create a life for ourselves. Along the way we lose track of old friends because we become busy or make new ones to replace those that are distant. But moments like these, when the past rushes up and splash you in the face, you remember the simplicities of life, such as good memories made and friends that were my family for 4 years. It was a reminder that life is short and that we really need to cherish each day and those we are close with, regardless of where life has taken us or how busy we have become. When I think of those girls around the table at breakfast, I know they are the ones that will always have my back, not because I call them frequently (because I don’t–and realize I should more often), but because we are family and always will be.


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