Thoughts+Actions=Life Motivational Monday 5/6

Life is a result of many, many decisions and actions.  As you look backwards, you will see that each decision, whether big or small in your life, has resulted in shaping the way your life is currently.

Each action is a result of our thoughts and beliefs.  Whether we are egotistical, lack confidence, or are somewhere in between, we make choices we belief to be appropriate for us.  Think about Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs for example.  If MJ wasn’t confident that he would one day not only play in the NBA, but become one of the best and simply quit after not making the high school team, he would be a nobody today.  If Steve Jobs wasn’t confident in his decision to quit school and create Apple, we most likely wouldn’t have a MAC or iphone!

Today was the first day back on my rode bike since last summer!  It was awesome and I remember why I enjoy it so much.  Like swimming (with the exception of scenery vs the black line), cycling provides a lot of thinking and processing time–if you are riding alone.  For me, 99% of the time that is a good thing.  It gives me time to think about life (or today–what my next blog post will be about) while also enjoying the little joys and miracles nature provides–at least that was today.  Working out (cardio wise) for me as always been my time to think.  This is when I evaluate my emotions and turn my uncertainty or negative thoughts into confidence and positive thoughts.  I use it to make sure when I hop off my bike at the end of my ride, I am more at peace and happier then when I got on at the beginning.  Of course I have days that don’t go this well and my negativity or uncertainty about a future decision leave me in a bad mood, but I allow myself to have these moments occasionally.  I don’t expect myself to be happy 24/7, but with that said, I make sure to not let it effect others around me, and I tell myself that I will get over whatever is bothering me and that everything will work out.

What kind of thinking do you have?  How have your thoughts shaped your actions?  Changing the way we think takes time and a lot of effort, but each time you change your thinking (even if you don’t necessarily believe what you are telling yourself at first), you will get better at it, and hopefully will start believing yourself!

Don’t allow your fears, uncertainty, or lack of self-confidence get in your way of accomplishing your goals or simply getting what you want out of life.  Remind yourself of reasons why you will be successful–whether it’s because of how hard you’ve been training and properly fueling your body, or past experiences that were successful that will add to your confidence.

You deserve to have the life you’ve imagined…so GO GET IT!

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