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Originally Posted On May 28, 2012

Before any part of the planned post begins, I would like to apologize for the fonts/format/etc of this blog. I am not happy with its current state, but I am impatient/stubborn and when I have a mental deadline, I will stick with it regardless. The goal is for most of these “imperfections” to be ironed out over the next month! Now onto the post itself….

Today is my 25th birthday. No I haven’t been counting down the days, and to be honest, half of the time I forgot that it was creeping up on me. I do believe turning 25 is a semi-big deal. It makes up a quarter, a quarter of 100..not sure that means anything, but as pessimists would most likely state, a quarter of my life is gone, assuming we all live to 100. But if I think of it like that, I find it bittersweet. I have lived for 25 years and over those 25 years I have made some stupid decisions, but have also made some great ones. I have made mistakes, but have also made unforgettable memories. I am content with where I am at this point in my life, but even more excited for what is to come!

For the most part, I am more of an introvert, so I enjoy being alone with my thoughts. I love mulling over events that have happened, processing what I should have done or will plan to do, devise action plans for my future, and just evaluating my life in general. But there are two times a year that I really sit down and think/write/evaluate the past year. These times are New Years and my birthday. So today I share with you some of my processing.

This past year has been one of the best years of my life to date, if not the best. I have events/memories throughout my college years that were extremely gratifying and that I am extremely proud of (swimming related), but as a whole, this year takes the cake. There was a point in the fall when I suddenly had my wick lit–I had been woken and filled with passion. You can read more about this in my “Lighting your wick” post from my first blog. I can’t explain it and only one or two others could even understand the passion I spoke of and mostly because they had similar experiences at some point in their life. This led to creating motivational meetings/practices with the girls I coached throughout the previous season. I was willing to try pretty much anything to get them inspired throughout the season. I also started my first blog about the meetings and motivational practice ideas that I had.

I also missed the competitiveness swimming provided me, the opportunity to work towards personal goals, and the gratification of reaching them. I have always wanted to compete in figure competitions and thought, why not now? So I started training in November and had my first competition in April. The moment I stepped on stage, I was in love. I have since then competed in my second competition and now plan on competing in my first NPC show in July.

Throughout the year, I have formed friendships with people that have become my mentors, motivators, and close friends. Each person has a unique impact on my life, whether it was the reason for lighting my wick, helping me along my figure journey, or just being a great friend and supporter. It is refreshing having such supportive people that have either taught me things or encourage me to follow my dreams.

I don’t simply want to go through life, but actually live it! I want to impact others in a positive way and be successful at something that I enjoy doing. I have grown as a person this year and continue to strive to better myself, help others achieve their goals, and do what makes me happy. I enjoy working out, eating food, and writing, so I plan on using this blog to share my journey with you all, wherever that takes me! I hope to motivate you to reach for your goals and possibly even provide you with some good clean recipes and awesome workouts!

Now here’s to an even better year than the last!

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