Seminar Testimonials

FullSizeRender (6)“Kylie’s approach to nutrition covers both the fundamentals of proper nutrition as well as
the deeper side of understanding the individual goals of each person. She spoke on the importance of the basics, fueling for performance vs. aesthetics, and common myths and popularized programs in the industry. An athlete herself, Kylie walks the walk in her own journey. She gives sound advice on how to maximize your own prescriptions and we received great feedback from our attendees!”

– Perrin Behr (CrossFit Center City and CrossFit 215 coach)


IMG_4569“After working with Kylie 1-on-1 for my own personal nutritional needs and feeling the relief that comes with knowing that you are finally fueling appropriately – and without bending over backwards to do so – I knew I wanted the members of my gym to have the ability to experience this same knowledge and freedom. While a Nutrition Seminar is only the beginning of any Nutrition journey, Kylie’s presentation was the perfect catalyst for newer members and an excellent complement to the existing patterns of some of our most seasoned members. She was organized, concise, evidence-based and more than willing to work with our specific needs as a community. Her seminar was able to appeal to a broad range of athlete objectives: strength sports, recreational CrossFitters, and those primarily concerned with aesthetics and/or basic wellness. She also sent out materials for continued learning within a timely manner that allowed our membership base to further their progress. It was so wonderful to have her here and altering the pace of our typical Nutrition Challenge. I look forward to having her contribute to our community for years to come!”

— Erin Farmer (Owner of CrossFit Center City)


“Kylie’s nutrition seminar was awesome!  She covers a ton of information…macronutrients, hydration, fiber, sleep, stress, intolerances, performance vs. health, supplementation, and much more.  She keeps it simple and organized and is easy to follow.  Kylie knows her stuff!  She is good at tailoring it to the group she is speaking to and will answer any questions you have.  Her seminar is great for anyone, whether you are newbie or a nutrition junky.” –CrossFit Timpanogos

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