Mentorship Testimonials

“I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed mentoring with Kylie.  I learned so much!  She has created a program that covers all aspects of nutrition coaching.  Not only will learn how to calculate a macro prescription for various clients, but you will learn about the basics of nutrition, how to counsel your clients through a multitude of situations, and she also touches on setting goals, our “why”, branding ourselves, and much more.  Kylie is a great teacher and is eager to share what she knows.  When you are finished with the mentorship you will have an established business up and running with her guiding you every step of the way!”

“The mentorship is nutrition education with a personal guide to help answer any questions and walk you through the process. You also get very specific training on macro coaching with actual clients that other certifications don’t give you.  Doing the mentorship has also shortened the learning curve and gave me confidence that I was doing it the right way and could start helping others immediately.  I started with 3 unofficial (non-paying) clients and I ended with almost 30 paying clients in about 8 months. I would say that’s pretty successful!!”