Sometimes Life Sucks- Monday Motivation 4/29

Sometimes life sucks.  I am not talking about the Facebook statuses or tweets that complain about something stupid and are followed by FML (F my life–for those of you not sure what it means).  I don’t hate many things, but that is one thing I do hate.  FML..really?  Is your life really that bad because you left your umbrella home on a rainy day, or your cable is down so now you can’t watch your favorite tv show?  Most of the FML posts are after something trivial that these individuals are more than able to get over in less than 24 hours.  I know people have said it’s a joke and not to be taken seriously, but if you are willing to post it, then it’s still a reflection of who you are.

But this is not what I am talking about when I say life can suck.  Someone I know just lost her husband to cancer this past weekend, who also was best friends with my best friend.  He felt sick so went to the doctors and they told him the cancer was back and he had days to 2 weeks to live.

Imagine getting that news?  I know that Sunday I was in church reflecting on my life and how I would feel if someone told me I had two weeks to live.  I wondered if I would continue to work or quit, if I would eat whatever I wanted or continue feeding my body clean foods, or would I only care about making sure I had all of my loved ones close by?

My second thought was, would I be content with how I have lived my life so far?  I thought back to my past and was satisfied with most of my choices (and learned from my stupid choices), I was happy with my swimming career and the effort I put in the achieve my goals, and am happy with my determination to find my passion in life.

My third and final thought was if I would be content with how I am directing my life.  Being only 25, I don’t know what my future will hold career wise, but I know that I am content with my strive towards doing what I love.  Instead of settling for a job because it’s a “smart” choice, I continue to fight for what I love and I know I won’t stop.

What about you?  Are you satisfied with your life choices, or have you settled in life?  Are you in a career because it provides an income and you don’t hate it that much or do you actually enjoy it?  Are you making choices because of external pressure, or are you making choices that truly make you happy?

There is a time for all of us to leave this Earth, and sometimes life is cut short due to reasons only God knows, but the important thing for all of us to take away from these heart aches and tragedies outside of the great memories our loved one left behind, is are we living the life we were meant to live?  Are we using the gifts God has given us to make a difference in people’s lives?  Are our choices making us happy so in turn we can make others happy as well?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back from our hectic lifes and reflect on where we’ve been, where we currently are, and where we are trying to go.  Life is precious and time is not promised.  So today, take some time and really question your purpose in life and where you are in your journey.

Please send a prayer for this family as they struggle through a very difficult time.

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