Something has Sprouted!

Originally Posted On June 10, 2012

I usually use my Sunday’s to go to this farm market called White House Fruit Farm which is where I buy a large amount of squash and anything else I may need. For some reason the butternut squash were midget size, so I went with the spaghetti and acorn squash.

As I had them cooking in the oven, I was outside finalizing the garden, or at least until July. Last week I planted lettuce, kale, carrots, radishes, beets, and a few other vegetable seeds that I am forgetting at the moment, as well as the broccoli plants that I bought. Since I ran out of room I had to stop for the week until Mike could make the garden bigger.

Today I planted three butternut squash plants, 6 assorted pepper plants, two tomato plants, and then added beans and zucchini in seed form. It was a sweaty process in the high 80 degree heat we had, but I felt accomplished afterwards and it is starting to look like a real garden!

So here is a picture of the radish tops that are already coming up!


Here is a close up:


Last time I mentioned how we were thinking about getting chicken wire to keep the deer out, but luckily Mike’s uncle had extra green fencing and steaks that Mike put around the garden.


Picture of the tomato, butternut squash, and pepper plants. I am so excited for the hot peppers!


Hopefully the other seeds are doing well under the soil. Most take longer than a week to come up so we shall see!

Finally, a pic of me after I am all done! I found a hat of Mike’s to wear, thank goodness since my face would have been burnt. Side note: bug spray is a must while gardening. Only had a few annoying flies flying around but other than that, no bites!


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