Soda Lover Fix

I know some of you are probably thinking “Soda?  You mean pop!”.  Yes, I am from an area where pop is used frequently, but I guess I was just raised to say soda.  But regardless of how you say it, I have come up with a great alternative to getting your carbonated drink fix that happens to be a lot healthier.

I was aimlessly walking down the aisles of Walmart a couple of weeks ago, most likely having a debate within myself.  My realistic self is telling me to walk about from a new form of nut butter while my dieting self is saying “Oh you will be fine!  You can control yourself and only have 1 serving a day”.  Luckily my realistic self wins most of these battles because my dieting self is completely unrealistic!

After this debate and probably a few others along my way, I went to find some new forms of MiO or one of my favorites– Dasani pineapple and coconut!  However, I ran into Crush–the orange soda!  There was also the grape soda kind as well, but I didn’t buy it.  7 new flavors later, I tried the Crush in my water and it tasted exactly like the soda, minus the carbonation!  That is when it clicked–all I would need to do is buy soda water or sparking water and add the Crush to make orange soda!

I am not lying when I say it tasted just like orange soda and I am hoping they can figure out how to make Dr. Pepper because that would be awesome 🙂  Hope you soda/pop lovers enjoy this soda tip–give it a try, you won’t regret it!

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