Preparing for the Week- Monday Motivation 4/15

My hands are killing me!  This weekend I tore my hands (very superficially) in three different places and anyone who has ever done this knows it hurts–yes, I am also trying to avoid water.  But lesson learned, always tape before excessive bar work!

This week should be fairly hectic and busy with every day packed all the way through Saturday.  Weeks like this give me slight anxiety (well..may be very minor anxiety compared to someone who isn’t normally laid back) knowing it will be constant commotion in order to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

I “hear” that preparation makes these weeks go by much smoother.  However, I always seem to have trouble accomplishing a lot on Sundays (possibly a result of being a college athlete with Sundays off).  I have these mental images of myself cooking meals, cleaning, and doing homework, but then reality sets in and I end up going to the grocery store after church and then cooking (for only a day in advance), cleaning pretty much nothing, sneaking in a little cardio, emailing/diet planning for my clients, and then catching up on blogs I like to frequent to learn a bit (but no, this is not my h/w).  So yea, pretty much not preparing for the week at all.

But I think that part of why I end up doing this on Sundays is because I like my one day a week where I do almost nothing and don’t have to think about all that I will need to accomplish.  It is my way of relaxing and recharging for the madness waiting for me on Monday.  This may not be ideal and I most likely will try to make another go at productivity next Sunday, but I also know that whatever the week throws at me, I find a way to accomplish what needs to be done.  Yes, I also realize it may be a lot less stressful if I was more prepared ; )

So I guess finding the balance between preparing for the week and recharging for the week is what I will attempt to find over the next few Sundays.  Do you like to prep everything for the week or do you relax and just plan on taking one day at a time?

If one way works better for you, stick with it!  If the way you are doing things currently isn’t ideal, then make minor changes in order to set yourself up better for the upcoming week.

Happy Monday everyone!

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