Paleo Friendly “Breaded” Zucchini Fries

Originally Posted On September 25, 2012

I have been recently trying out this whole Paleo thing to see if I like it or not. The biggest challenge is finding fun sides or meals in general that don’t contain dairy or gluten that aren’t just boring and plain. So as I was looking for inspirations, I came across a recipe for Paleo friendly zucchini fries. As usual, I used it as a reference, but used completely different ingredients!



Zucchini cut into fries
1 egg
1/4c almond milk
salt and pepper


Heat oven to 400 degrees. Line a cookie pan with foil and lightly spray. Beat egg into a shallow bowl and then add almond milk. Pour flax-seed (my substitution to almond flour since I didn’t have any) into another shallow bowl with salt and pepper to taste. I added some wheat germ to the flaxseed mixture for the last half of the fries–maybe not so Paleo. Coat the zucchini fries with the egg mixture and then roll them around in the flax-seed mixture coating to your liking. Place the fries on the foil without having them overlap. Put the pan into the oven and cook for about 15-30 minutes, flipping them halfway through. I waited to flip them until the crust on the fries was starting to harden slightly.

I ate mine plain the first night and then the second night dipped them in a little bit of mustard. Note: For leftover fries, put them in the fridge and simply turn oven to 400-450 degrees and heat until crispy again.


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