My Body is a Wonderland..or a Hot Mess

So it has been one week since I have gone to an alternative health doctor and eliminated eggs, wheat, pork, tomatoes, and mold from my diet–still unsure if mold is mushrooms, cheese, or simply mold that you may find around the house (or at least you would hope not).  These are the items the doctor found to react negatively with my body’s electrical frequency along with msg, but I am not even sure what that is in.  I haven’t been eating bacon for the past month, but eggs I have every day and wheat maybe once a week whether via alcohol (not that common) or some random item that have wheat in it.  I have cut out my Ezekiel bread–and for those of you who know me, this is a hard cut for me.

The other night I venture to Whole Foods in order to find some things I can fit into my diet.  I find myself looking through the freezer doors in the bread selection.  They have everything from Ezekiel, to spelt, to gluten free, and so many other options ranging from $3 to $7.  I balk at the thought of buying bread for $7 a loaf.  I pick up various bags of bread and read the ingredients list for wheat.  I am not completely sure of the difference between spelt and ezekiel considering they both seem to contain wheat in some form according to the ingredients list so I just put them both down and pick up the gluten free raisin bread.  I quickly scan the ingredients list and wheat!  Not until the next morning as I am popping two pieces into the toaster do I realize that they contain egg whites.  I last about a day before I just do not care all that much about some measly egg whites and down two pieces of bread every morning for the remainder of the week.

I have also cut down on my fat intake since I have found out I am a slow oxidizer which means I do much better on a high carb diet (which could explain quite a few factors that had me thinking the same thing) not to mention that my body just isn’t doing its job of breaking down fats in general.  Fact: higher fat diets for slow oxidizers can make one lethargic, anxious, and irritable…ohhh it is all coming together now.  I will go with that as my excuse for the last few months of questionable behavior.

Another thing the doctor suggested was to drink lemon water with a little bit of cranberry juice throughout the mornings since I complained about being tired all the time.  He said that this should keep my blood sugar from dropping too much.  I have done this every day and have noticed a big difference.  He also gave me a probiotic and digestive enzymes to help with breaking down my food.  Eventually I will be able to get off of the enzymes and just take the probiotic.

I still need blood work done to see if my thyroid is functioning properly as well as to make sure my white blood cell count is more normal, but I will do that after another week or so as to allow my diet to make some positive changes in my body.

I have lost 2 lbs in 6 days, with the scale having changed only the morning of the 6th day.  I took comparison photos on the 6th day post breakfast, but the difference is definitely noticeable.

ImageAs you can tell from the picture comparison, I am a lot less “fluffy” as I like to call it.  As I continue to eat lower fat and higher carb and as wheat and egg free as possible, I hope to continue to look better and recover faster!

What made me go to an alternative health doctor you may ask?  Well my body was definitely not functioning like it once was prior to my figure days.  I had a negative food reaction almost every day once I tried to go back to eating “normal”.  Whether it was protein powder that wasn’t isolate, granola, dairy and who knows what else, I would look pregnant–or more than normal, I would get gassy, and I would experience symptoms that are common with IBS (I do not feel you need more detail than this…however for those of you that are truly curious I am not afraid to tell you if you really want to know).   I was basically a hot mess and my body seemed to be a problem I could not solve.

Once my training intensity dropped and all squatting and overhead work was removed due to a couple injuries, I lowered my carb intake and increased my fat intake since as they say, when not training you need less carbs and your body will use fat as energy.  This was a mistake.  I ended up gaining about 10lbs in a couple of months, I was upset about not working out and how I looked, and I was possessed by a cranky, tired, and emotional female more often than not (none of which is normal for me).  I did not feel like myself and I could not figure out why or how to fix it.

At the time I did not think that there may have been a correlation between my attitude and what was going on in my body, but now I am thinking that it was a strong possibility.  I have felt so much better the past couple of days and I have only changed my eating habits for a week.

The alternative health doctor is big on blood type diets as well.  Since I am an O, the food items to avoid seems longer than what I can eat.  Coconut, avocado, oats, most beans, a ton of grains, cabbage, etc are all on the avoid list.  I avoid grains and beans anyways because I get gassy from most of them, but I do love coconut and avocados.  Beer, wine, and coffee made the list as well,  but I believe those items are negotiable.  I have decided to try to cut back to having 1 serving (mug full) of coffee once a day about 5x a week.

I have not been perfect with this diet by any means.  I had a small piece of birthday cake last week, gluten free bread that contains egg whites, soy sauce and wasabi at a sushi restaurant not realizing until I was practically done that wheat is probably in both of these items, and I had gluten free granola thinking I would be fine only to find that oats made me uncomfortably bloated and gassy.  This will be a long learning process, but I know it will only make me a stronger, faster recovered, happier athlete and individual.


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