Monday Motivation 4/1/13

Wow, can’t believe it is already April!  It’s amazing how quick life goes by, and it only seems to go by faster the older I get!

I always preach about going after what you are passionate about, but seriously, reflect back on your last 2 years.  Have you been moving towards your passion?  Or have you been moving away from it?  If you aren’t moving towards it, why not?

It is important to sit down and reflect on your life choices, because these choices are how you spend your life!  Are you not moving towards your passion because you are afraid of something?  Or do you feel like now isn’t an ideal time and that maybe a few years down the road you will try?

Well fear is a real thing.  I saw a quote the other day that said “fear is the feeling you get when you know the choice you are pondering is worth taking”.  Obviously this isn’t true in all cases– fear of walking down a dark alley at night is not the same as taking a new job or moving to a new city.  But you get my point.

Realize It is ok to be afraid and come to terms with your fear and I’d even suggest going as far as writing down negatives to going after what you are afraid of, but also positives that prove that you may be exaggerating your fears.

For example:

Fear: I am afraid of moving to a different state (for this sake: Pittsburgh) for a new job

Maybe some negatives are as follows:

  1. might have trouble making friends
  2. might not like Pittsburgh
  3. might struggle to make ends meet my first year

But then you must create positives for the negatives you just listed:

  1. I have always made friends wherever I’ve lived
  2. I like sports and Pittsburgh is known for their awesome sports teams (yes I am a Pittsburgh girl!)
  3. It’s not like I am making too much less than I was before, and I have always found a way.

Now after you do this, most likely, you will feel a little more comfortable with your fear–at least that is the goal!

Now if you are the person who thinks now isn’t the right time, maybe you are right, but more than likely, 5-10 years from now, you will still be using this as an excuse because ultimately you are afraid of taking that scary first step!  Life doesn’t give you “perfect” times to go after what you want.  There may be more ideal times, but nothing is ever perfect.  So don’t make timing an excuse for not following your passion.  Write down your list of your fears, make a game plan, and start heading in the direction of your dreams 🙂

Remember, you only get one chance at life!


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