Monday Motivation- 3/18/13

Just finished my breakfast of eggs and steel cut oats with blueberries and cinnamon, and of course a few more cups of coffee never hurt!  This week my team started their 6am practices back up, so I am waiting to see how my body enjoys being up a few more hours each day compared to the last couple of weeks.  My guess is I will be a little more hungry!

How did your weekend go?  Did you stay on track and get your workouts in, or did St. Patty’s Day festivities take over?

Saturday I did the Crossfit open workout (13.2), and let’s just say it was surprising how poor I did, but I guess I shouldn’t expect much considering I have hardly WODed the past month.  13.1 I somehow escaped the endurance wrath.  Even though I was not happy with how I did, I do not think I could have done better and it has motivated me..just in time to start back up with my 3 WOD’s a week routine!

Other than by eating kale (green), I did not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day–and yes, I do have a bit of Irish in my blood 🙂  I relaxed and enjoyed the calm before the storm of the next few months as things pick up even more with school, my job, interning, working out, and my clientele!  I love staying busy, but it is crucial to be focused and organized–something I have never really been great with.

But even though Monday tends to be a lot of people’s least favorite day of the week, it provides us with a fresh start so we can regroup, time to figure out what we need to accomplish for the week, and the energy to tackle the big projects of the week first when we are more fresh.

Don’t dislike Monday’s, but instead, attack them!  Use them as an opportunity to get ahead for the week so when Friday rolls around, you aren’t left with 15 tasks you failed to accomplish.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” — Buddha

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