Lifting for Your Body Type?

I had someone tell me they were not sure how to lift for their body type.  Now in reality, there are three body types: endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs.  Endomorphs are quick to put on muscle and fat and tend to have trouble shedding fat.  Ectomorphs typically struggle to put on muscle and fat and are typically thin.  Mesomorphs can add muscle fairly easily, can gain fat more easily than ectomorphs, and are known for their athletic build.



Now in all reality, regardless of body type, your lifting program is determined by what your goal is, whether it is to build strength, endurance, or muscle mass.  However, I knew what this person meant– they were afraid of getting “bulky” if they added more muscle.  What is “bulk” though?  Bulk is simply muscle underneath a nice layer of fat.  In actuality, it is uncommon for a female to truly look bulky with a low body fat percentage–yes there are always a few exceptions, but most of these women simply have a lot of muscle and without the same level of dedication and genetics, this look is unrealistic for many.

So get rid of the bulky mentality!  Instead of worry about looking huge, worry about what you are putting into your mouth.  If you actually sit down and analyze your diet, more than likely, you will find one of these to be the reason for your excess body fat: 1. you are overeating–even if it’s healthy 2. you are eating/drinking calories that are crap (processed, alcohol) 3. or you may not be eating enough.

Now as you focus on shedding the excess body fat, work on increasing your metabolism by adding muscle!  Muscle is what gives the body shape and helps burn more calories, not only when you are working them, but even when you are sitting at your desk at work.   There are many ways to go about doing this, low reps and heavy weight, time under tension, drop sets, eccentric training, etc.

Throughout the next few weeks, I will cover each of these training methods and provide an example stay on the lookout!


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