Welcome to the KG-Fit Mentorship Program!  This mentorship program was designed for those of you looking to have a better understanding of the how, what, and why’s of nutrition coaching so you can better serve your own clients.

This program has 5 phases (contact me for more info):

  1. Knowledge Gathering– we will dig into intake information, assessment, how to figure out where to start a client calorie/macro wise, and prescriptions
  2. Nutrition Basics– wide variety of topics ranging from micronutrients, supplementation, intolerances, eating disorders, etc
  3. Adjusting Macros– how to adjust macros based on progress and goals as well as how to take a client through a weight cut
  4. Counseling in Coaching– arguable one of the most important pieces of coaching is understanding how to counsel a client through various issues such as binging, guilt, self love, etc.
  5. The Service of Coaching– finding your why, branding, goals, etc

What You Will Receive (Standard Package):

  • 4 x 1 hr Skype calls ($70/hr – $280/month).  Some months will consist of 5 Skype calls so you’ll be getting some for free!
  • At least 30 min of each call will consist of the topic you had for the week (reviewing articles/videos/assignments/quizzes), and will end with questions whether about the material or about your clients
  • Quizzes and homework will be delivered through my website 
  • I will be sending you books throughout your journey!

If You Want More….

Outside of our 1 hr skype calls, you won’t have access to me, but if you would like more, we can make that happen!  Just ask me about the Advanced Package! 

  • Add On: If you decide you want to add any additional skype calls, it will be $60/hr (15% off) in addition to the standard package, and $50/hr (30% off) if you buy the advanced package (price will be dependent on what package you are paying for that month).

If you are interested, click below and if you have any questions, please contact me HERE.