It’s OK to Give Up Sometimes

We have now entered the month of October and are under 3 months away from the new year…seriously, where has this year gone?  As usual, I find myself accomplishing a lot of my athletic goals for 2013 (lifting wise), but not much else.  Along with multiple PR goals I set for myself, I also wanted to compete in figure and make it to the national level as well as compete individually in Crossfit.  I failed to compete in figure this year and during the struggle decided to give it up and fully embrace Crossfit.  I really wanted to compete again because I did enjoy it last year, but I struggled to lose bodyfat this time around and it was a battle to stay 100% during the multiple plateaus I faced throughout the months of dieting.  In my mind, the process shouldn’t have been this hard and it’s difficult to deceiver if maybe my body just wasn’t ready to diet down again, my food choices and nutrient timing was off, or I wasn’t ready to be hungry every day or eat broccoli twice a day (besides hiding it in my omelets!).  I also didn’t want to continue to fight my body and end up not accomplishing either my figure or Crossfit goal, so I decided to embrace reality and make the switch.  I feel better now that I am eating a lot more and I know once my body adjusts to the multiple changes I have put it through, it will lean back out.

wonderSo obviously I have no problem accomplishing my athletic goals or making decisions in order to accomplish one vs none, but what were those resolutions I made in the beginning of 2013?  Unfortunately, due to someone stealing my computer, I don’t have my list.  But I am sure I meant to blog at least 4x a week, spend an hour a day reading articles on training/nutrition, become Wonderwoman, etc.  So looks like I somehow accomplished the wonderwoman feat, but due to life this summer, I got away from the first two I mentioned.  I am not denying that I could have accomplished all of my goals if I gave 100% and sacrificed time for other things, but as I tell those who want to lose weight but give up too easily, you have to want it more than you want something else.  For me, I applied to over 115 jobs this summer, had a stressful part-time job that did not pay well, and was failing to lose the necessary body fat I needed to compete in any of the 3 shows I intended to compete in.  To put it short, I was not all that happy with life.  When I am stressed, I tend to need more “veg” time and less productive time, so the last thing I wanted to do was spend time being creative and reading up on topics I usually love reading about.  Based on a few past experiences, this should have been a hint that something was wrong when I no longer was doing what I normally love doing.  Instead, I most likely spent free time stared off into the world of social media so I could turn off my brain and “relax”.  So yea, I am normal.  There are things I always give more time to (my workouts) and the things that get put to the wayside when my plate becomes overwhelming.  This is life and everyone’s priorities are different.

I had an overseas client email me yesterday explaining that she wants to fit into a a size 4 again but she realistically only has time to workout 4x a week in her apartment, she may have to eat less due to overpriced foods where she is currently living since she wants to spend extra money on traveling, and when she goes out to eat with her friends she wants to be able to “cheat” so she doesn’t feel as guilty or anxious.  She also said she understands that this may not get her to her ideal body, but she was ok with this in order to do more of what she wants to do now.  I loved this.  I loved the honesty and I loved her ability to tell me exactly what she wanted and what was important (traveling vs getting her perfect body).  I had the “see-saw” conversation with her a couple of years ago.  I told her that not until her ideal physique became more important than eating and drinking excessively would she be able to achieve her goal.  She understands this and so she is willing to settle for a less than ideal physique in order to travel and enjoy herself more, and I am fine with that!  I will try my best to get her leaner and she knows that the process may be slow due to her stipulations, but she still wants to give it a shot.  Luckily for her, I give my clients macros to follow anyways and told her if she wants to have dessert once a week with her friends, just make it fit your macros!

So what is my point?  My point is that our priorities change as do our stressors in life.  It is ok to change paths in order to follow another passion, when things are not working out on the path you are currently on, or to focus on something else entirely.  It is also ok to drop off the radar for a bit when life becomes overwhelming as long as you are doing what needs to be done.  We all have our ways of dealing with stress and as long as it is healthy and not harmful, do what you need to in order to get through a stressful time so you can get back on the horse when life becomes a little more manageable!  I understand that it seems that I just gave you permission to make excuses to slack off and give up when times are tough, but that is not what I mean.  Acknowledge what your goals are, what you need to do to accomplish your goals, and if you are willing to do what it takes to reach these goals.  If your dedication, willingness, or time to fully commit to your goals is lacking, then reframe your goals accordingly!

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” H. L. Hungt

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