How Will You React–Monday Motivation 4/8/13

So we all have those performances, events, meetings at work that just don’t go as planned.  Something feels off, we just didn’t perform up to our expectations, or we performed as best we could, but our best wasn’t enough.  These occurrences are NORMAL and will happen to all of us.

I can remember my whole senior year at Toledo seeming as though nothing was ever working in my favor.  I had some pretty bad groin inflammation and it would flared up at least once a week for a couple days at a time.  I knew outside of seeing the trainers and getting treatment, the inflammation was out of my control, but what was in my control was how I reacted to it.

There were times I would go home after a bad practice or meet and just cry (even Wonderwoman has to take off her cape sometimes right?) because I was so frustrated and  worried that this would hold me back from reaching my end goal of qualifying for NCAA’s.  Obviously crying is not the way I am suggesting you react to a disappointment.  My point is, after I pulled up my big girl pants, I knew that I only had one choice and one way to react to a disappointment and that was by recognizing that each new day brought an opportunity to give 100% regardless if I was functioning at 100% or not.  I am not telling you to be stupid and push through an injury, I am saying to be smart and alter your programming/workouts accordingly, but you still must give 100% and FOCUS on what you was doing.

As I tell my athletes, one day you will be done competing.  When that time comes, you will look back over the years and reflect on the good and bad.  The last thing you want is to look back and think what if… or question if you could have done better or tried harder.  The only thing you want to feel is satisfaction that you gave it 100%.

After each fall we must dust ourselves off, evaluate why we fell, and then move on.  Life is full of disappointments and let downs, but they are there so when we finally achieve our goals, the feeling of gratification is that much sweeter!  So don’t let the bumps in your path get you down, but simply look upon them fondly and thank them, for they will be the reason why you are stronger tomorrow!

Side note:  I am super excited to try a new recipe Tuesday night (well, I will be cooking and my roommate will be eating–hopefully not against his will).  But I am sure it will be tasty and I will post the recipe ASAP as well as a lighter alternative.


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