Grilled Portabella Burger with Spinach Dip

Originally Posted On August 21, 2012
Last week I blogged about my creamy walnut spinach dip I made– it was delicious! If you missed the recipe, click here for it. The next night I used it with hamburgers.



Portabella Burger with Spinach Dip

4 portabella mushrooms

Chopped portabella mushroom stems

16oz. lean ground meat (beef/turkey) I used 90% lean ground beef

1/4c. chopped onions

1/4-1/2c. spinach dip

Optional: salt and pepper for seasoning

Directions: Remove stems from portabella mushrooms and chop. Add the chopped onions and mushroom stems, 4Tbl or so of spinach dip, and salt and pepper to the ground meat and combine. Form four 4oz patties and place on grill/pan. Grill the portabella mushrooms at the same time–flip halfway through the cooking process. When done, remove the portabellas and add another Tbl. of spinach dip to the underside of each portabella. Place a burger on top of each mushroom and enjoy!


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