Nutrition coaching isn’t just about prescribing a client macronutrients and checking in with them regularly.  It is about how well they are functioning and what may be holding them back from seeing the progress they desire.

When it comes to healthy, low stressed individuals, coaching is easy.  They respond appropriately to alterations in their prescription, they don’t have many issues along the way, and they are rather low maintenance in regards to their progress.  But not all clients are lucky enough to fit this description.  Some clients train hard, lead stressful lives, have been calorically restricted for years, and are always tired no matter how much sleep they get.  Other clients may have GI issues which leave them bloated, constipated, and puzzled as to how to fix these issues so they can feel “normal” again.  And maybe you are just curious to get tested so you have a baseline or better understanding of your current state of health.

That is where I come in to better serve my clients as well as those who just want help in this regard.  Whether it is concern about adrenal function, food intolerances, or your level of vitamin D, we can identify potential issues through various lab values and create a protocol that will help you reach more optimal health.

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