Four Corners–Free Workout

Today is the warmest day we have yet this spring!  I was pumped and even ran a bit!  So in celebration of this sunny weather, here is an awesome outdoor workout:

Find a local field–

Four Corners:

1.  Short lengths of the field you will lunge (one forward, the other backwards)

2.  Long lengths of the field you will run at a good effort–doesn’t have to be an all out sprint.

3.  At each corner you will do an exercise.  You will start the workout by lunging along the short end of the field and you will end the square by doing the exercise on the corner you started on (situps).

First corner- Mountain climbers

Second corner- Pushups

Third corner- Squats

Fourth corner- Sit-ups

Now the kicker…You will do this 4 times through.  The exercises will start out at 40 reps, then 30, then 20, and the last round will be 10 reps.

Have fun and get some vitamin D!

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