Five Foods You Should Be Eating

We all know what consists of “healthy” food choices, but there are definitely some foods that are superior to others that should be included in your diet!  Here are 5 of these superior foods:

1.  Coconut oil- Coconut water is a great sports drink because of the electrolytes and coconut milk is a mix between coconut water and coconut oil resulting in the combo of some multi chain fatty acids (MCFA) and vitamins and minerals.  Coconut oil on the other hand only contains the fat of the coconut so even though it doesn’t contain electrolytes, it does contain more MCFA’s than coconut milk, making it a an excellent addition to our diet.  You may ask why would I want to add SATURATED fat to my diet..I thought saturated fat was bad?!  Well MCFA’s are not processed the same way as most foods containing saturated fat.  Instead of  taking forever to digest in your system, once coconut oil hits the liver, it is used for energy and helps metabolize fat!  In addition to being used for energy, it is great for hair and skin care, weight loss, increased immunity, metabolism, bone strength, battling heart disease and high blood pressure, and much more!    Read more on coconut oil here

2.  Blueberries- Out of all fresh fruit, blueberries have the highest content of antioxidants which helps boost the immune system and fight infections.  Blueberries also fight free radicals (which produce inflammation in the body) and aging.  A study on rats also found that blueberries help with reducing body fat, reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease, and fighting metabolic syndrome.  And lastly, blueberries reduce the risk for heart disease and help with vision, brain, and urinary tract health.

3. Salmon- Salmon is one of the most nutritious fish out there.  With its abundance of healthy protein, B vitamins (mental and metabolic health), omega 3’s, and low amounts of saturated fat, it is a fish worth putting in your diet!  Omega 3’s help with cardiovascular health, brain health, and fight inflammation.  However, when you are buying salmon, make sure you are buying wild instead of farmed.  Farmed salmon are kept in an overcrowded environment and are fed pesticides, antibiotics, and other chemicals.  Because of the low quality of food and living conditions, farmed salmon have a lower nutritional value as well.

4. Walnuts- Even though all nuts have great health benefits, walnuts seem to win out over all of the others.  Walnuts have high amounts of omega-3s, antioxidants, and are great for heart health and fighting inflammation.

5. Kale- Kale is a great addition to your diet in many ways.  It is filled with antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation (omega-3’s), strengthen bones (vitamin K), detox the body, lower cholesterol, and even helps fight cancer!  Read more about kale here


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