Fat Tourcher Workout

Since the weather is just awesome right now, I can’t even think about writing an indoor workout routine…so outside we go!  When it comes to burning fat, sprints are one of the best things to do.  Now for a more fun twist that will torch even more calories,  add an incline to that, and it increases the intensity even more!  So if you haven’t guessed it, hill sprints are on the menu for today’s workout post!

Warm-up: 15 minutes (dynamic stretches, get your heart rate up, do short sprints as well as build sprints–start moderate and get faster with each one.  This will prevent injury!)

Just to make sure you are warmed up:

5 x through: 5 burpees all out, 10 seconds rest


Hill Sprints 🙂hill

10 x 30yd hill sprints–now you can lower your reps or adjust the distance (shorter or longer) depending on your level of inshapeness….yes, that word is in my dictionary.

2 x through (jog back down the hill, then rest for 1:30 before starting the next sprint):

1- Forward Sprint

2- Backward Sprint

3- Broad Jumps (try to do as many as you can without pausing–no arm swing–focus on abs–still all out!)

4-Forward Sprint

5- Backward Sprint


Let me know if you give it a try!  Have a great weekend..and do something GREAT!


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