Done with School/Free Weekend Workout

Wohoo!!  I am finally done with grad school minus a few assignments I have to do this weekend (fortunately my professor doesn’t care that they are late)!  It has taken me 2.5 years to complete my degree and for those of you who have held full time jobs and take classes, you know how exciting the thought of having more time is!  Now I can spending more time studying nutrition and fitness related info 😉

But as I still need to pack my food for pretty much all my meals for today and leave for work in 10 min, I just wanted to give you a workout to try over the weekend.

**If you are in the Youngstown area, my bootcamp is 8-9am on Saturday at Fitch high school in Austintown!  Come and join us!**

10 x 100 yard sprints

After each sprint, there is an exercise:

  • 1/6- 15 V-ups
  • 2/7- 15 pushups (from knees is fine–make sure to keep hips in line with upper body)
  • 3/8- Left and Right leg lunge hold
  • 4/9- hold hollow rock position (hands above head/legs straight out/balance on butt) for 15 seconds, then 15 Russian Twists to each side
  • 5/10- 30 second plank hold

Quicky but a great leg/ab killer!  Have a great weekend!

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