Did You Workout This Morning?

Originally Posted On June 3, 2012
So usually Sunday is my day off, but yesterday my knee tendon/hamstring/who knows what the heck it is was acting up prohibiting me from sprinting (only been 7 weeks of this..grr). I love sprinting so I was kind of annoyed, especially since my day was not going as planned, but after a diet induced mini breakdown, I just figured I would use Saturday as my day off and then bike Sunday am. Luckily being flexible and innovative are a few of my strengths, but they are also important traits to embrace when trying to reach a goal. No Excuses–Plan B–Just Do It.

It was fairly chilly (59) this morning, but pretty good biking weather with a light pullover. I am extremely lucky to live right next to Mill Creek Park. It makes for a great ride in the morning through the woods, along creeks, and beside a lake or two. I always forget where I am for a minute or two, and makes me smile at how Youngstown can get such a bad rap, but is full of uniquely beautiful surprises!

I always bring my cell phone with me on my rides. I should bring spare tires and tools, but I would also have to know how to use them, which I don’t (hmm probably should learn). I did have a minor set back when my chain fell into the crack between the smallest gear and the metal of the bike. This is the worst…besides getting a flat of course. I usually have rubber gloves in my little pack with my phone, but a little black oil never hurt anyone. I was probably working on it for 8 minutes, hoping I would not have to wake my roommate to come find me..like i could even explain where I was. I tugged, moved the back lever forward to get some slack in the chain, and pretty much everything else i could think of. Finally I moved my pedal backwards and it slowly released my chain. Note to self: try that first next time.


Well I got back on my bike and rode the rest of my ride scott-free..with the exception of unsuccessfully maneuvering around a few of the 76 pieces of geese crap–it was like a landmine around the lake.

I realized I need to ride more often and it reminded my why I enjoyed it so much last summer:

1. It is peaceful and helps me decompress

2. It is great saying/hearing “Good Morning” to the others on the road

3. Really get to embrace nature’s beauty and the magic of God’s creations

4. Besides the downwards hills, it is a decent workout!


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