Contagious Lifestyle and My First Garden

Originally Posted On June 5, 2012

There were a few topics I was considering blogging about tonight, so I figured I would pick two:

Topic 1: Contagious Lifestyle!

I started training for my first figure competition in November. Progress was slow, but eventually I could see results as well as those around me. Occasionally, I had a person here or there come to me for advice for workouts or a diet plan, but never thought much about it. But here I stand, over 6 months later, and look at the people around me and how much they have grown in their clean eating and fitness lifestyles. From those I coach or work with to family members or athletes I train. As time goes by, another person jumps on the bandwagon of living a healthier lifestyle! It is awesome seeing those around me making positive changes and keeping me updated on their results. I am blessed to be apart of the experience and to assist in the process!

Topic 2: My First Garden

When I was growing up, my parents had three huge gardens (huge in my eyes at least). There were a few reasons as to why I hated the gardens: 1. I would have to weed in order to do anything fun for the day 2. It was usually hot outsides when I had to weed–I didn’t like to sweat when I was younger 3. I hated all of the bugs. But this past month or so I had an urge to start my own garden. Just the thought of being able to grow my own produce is exciting! I can save money in the long run (assuming things actually grow) and everything will be fresh. Plus, the gratification of receiving “fruits from my labor” will be awesome

The garden is located at my friend’s (Mike) house and luckily he was interested in having one too..maybe because I told him I would maintain it, but he did all of the digging out to create it. I know starting a garden in the ground may not be the best method considering there will most likely be a ton of weeds this season, but it’s a start. We already discussed that after the growing season is over, we will cover the whole area with a tarp to kill future weeds/grass.

The garden is progressively getting larger, but I planted all of the seeds that needed planted by June (with the exception of the squashes and gourds that will be in their own garden). There are a few plants that we bought and transplanted and we may go to the local farmers market this weekend to get more. The farmers market is dirt cheap (bought rosemary, basil, and butternut squash plant all for under $5)!

A concern of mine are the potential animals. My parents now have smaller gardens but have chicken wire around each one in order to keep the deer and other animals out. Yesterday I planted all of the seeds and transplanted 4 broccoli plants. I am not sure what animals prefer to eat (doubt it would be broccoli) but I was not going to take my chances. So Mike looked around for anything that may ward off animals. He sent me the picture of what he found:


Not sure if deer yield to orange cones, but hey, it’s worth a try. Today Mike went on a hunt for chicken wire (about $50) and I guess it is not that cheap. I am sure we will figure something out or we will suck it up and buy it since it can be used every year. But below is a picture of the garden today (a little larger than the one pictured above from yesterday–needed more space!). I will keep you all posted on the progress!


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