Butt Blaster Workout

Everyone wants a nice butt, and rightfully so!  Men and woman alike can appreciate a perky, round butt and since it is somehow already June, the harder you hit your glutes, the more likely your butt will be ready (or at least on the road of improvement) before vacation or your next pool party.

So below I have created a workout that will ensure your glutes will be sore the next day!

Warm-up (5 min): I include some ab and low back exercises to get my core ready to support me during my main lifts.

Box Squats (strength focus): 6 x 5
Sumo Deadlifts- 4 x 10/8/6/4 (increase weight as you decrease reps on each set)

Dumbbell Step-ups- 3 x 8 ea. leg
KB swings- 3 x 20
Bulgarian split squats- 4 x 10ea. leg
Monster walks- 4 x 12 ea. direction
Squat jumps- 4 x 20
Reverse hypers- 3 x 15
Cable kickbacks- 3 x 15
Lunge jumps- 3 x 10 each leg

Hope you enjoy it!

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