Bike Ride and Garden Update

Originally Posted On June 17, 2012

Another gorgeous bike ride this morning! I took a break from Mill Creek’s forests and creeks for Fowler’s corn fields and back roads. Completely different but just as beautiful and amazing–embrace the small miracles of life and breath in God’s creation! Here are some pics from my ride:


As for the garden..I can actually see rows where I had planted seeds! The zucchini, beets, radishes (which have been growing), and finally the swiss chard have started to pop up! I had to thin out the radishes since some were too close together so they can grow properly. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of grass growing as well, but it is what it is. ideally I would have black plastic or straw down, but maybe next weekend if I find some/care enough to spend $ in order to keep the weeds away. Here are some pictures:



Beets..i think?:


Zucchini? (obviously I need to record what each picture is of before I forget!):


Swiss Chard:


Green Bell Pepper:


Yellow Wax Pepper:


Chilli Pepper:


My poor Alde’s tomato plant..hopefully it somehow makes it!


Tomorrow’s post will be about the Fat Burning Zone! Stay tuned and thanks for taking time to read my blog Comments are always welcome!

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