Are You the Top .01%?

Originally Posted On June 15, 2012

I was stumbling to look for some motivation. I stumbled upon this:


What hit me the most was not simply that most of you reading this post are more fortunate than millions and billions of people, but all of the divisions among humanity. Simply take the top 8% of us who have money in the bank and change in our wallets. That fact that we are considered the top 8% is shocking. But let’s break down that group further. These people are considered the most fortunate, but are they? What is it like to be them? Are they making money in a job they hate to simply pay the bills? Have they screwed others over in order to get ahead and now find themselves alone? Are they too afraid of the unknown to go after a dream or a more enjoyable job? That is not more fortunate. You cannot buy happiness.

The point of my tangent thoughts are that yes, we are fortunate, but are we taking advantage of our blessing or are we going through the motions of our life? How many of the top 8% are truly doing what they love or are going after their dreams? I’d say probably .01%. Be apart of that .01% and really live the life you were given! Be truly fortunate!

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