Are You Meeting Your Well-Being Needs? Monday Motivation 5/13

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  My mom seemed slightly offended by the multiple times I thanked her for pushing me and providing tough love at times throughout my life.  Yes mom, I do realize you did a lot of great things for me that may have sounded more pleasant on a Mother’s Day card, but even though “tough love” and “pushing” may have negative connotations, these are the things that made the most impact on shaping me into the person I am today!  Even though there may have been times I wish she could have told me I was right regardless, I am forever thankful.  She made me realize that life isn’t about settling, winning because I showed up, and being right 24/7–just 23/7…joking…kind of 😉  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get raised this way and then the transition into the “real world” is harsh and squashes these individuals.  So thank you mom, again!

Now onto my blog post for today, and since I am being educated in counseling, I suppose I could add some counseling-esk posts every once in a while 😉  So here is an activity that will take 5 min of your day that I think YOU should try!

There are six needs/aspects of well-being that together, comprise the whole person that make us up.  These 6 aspects of well-being are physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, occupational, and social.  Now think about each of these and are there some that get the majority of your time, while there are a few that you think could use improvement?

Take a few minutes and write down what you do for your physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, occupational, and social well-being.   After you have done that, take time to write down what you could do to improve upon each (unless you don’t think you need much improvement).

Now that you have your list, number each one 1-6 based on the level of time you put into each one (1 being the most time, 6 being the least).  It is normal to have one or two you spend a lot of time on, and then have one or two that you feel could use a lot more work.  Like anything though, we tend to feel happier when we are well-balanced in life.  Does this mean that if you are making a lot of money in your occupation that it should be at the top of your list?  Not necessarily.  Each of these aspects of well-being are rated with your level of happiness/contentment with each.  So if you are happy with your job and are making 30,000 a year, then perhaps it is towards the top of your list because it isn’t creating stress and you are content.  If you are making 6 figures, but hate your job, it could be at the bottom of your list because of the negative emotions and stress it produces in your life.  So for that individual that is unhappy with their job, maybe their goal needs to be finding a job they are happy doing, or if money is the sole reason they work, then finding a job that provides the income they want to make.

So I challenge you to do this exercise and then write a goal next to each aspect of well-being that you are willing to work on for the next month (and hopefully readjust your goals or make new ones for the following month).  That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your physical (if it’s #1) for your social (#6) if your social needs improvement.  Maybe invite a friend to go bike riding with you or some other physical activity–killing 2 birds with one stone!

Life is about being happy and finding a balance that works for us!  Happy Monday and hope you all have a great week!

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