Ab Workout–Get Ready For Spring Break

Even as the rain comes down, I am happy that it is in the 50’s today!  Almost time to train with the garage doors open, run outside which makes running almost enjoyable, and a rainbow assortment of tank tops and nike pros.

Since it “feels” like summer is right around the corner, here is a great little ab circuit to try!  Get those abs ready for spring break!

4 x through:

10 Windshield wipers (lay on ground and set bar [with 25’s on each side] on rack and hold onto bar–should be low enough to hold onto while laying on ground but high enough so arms are not overly bent.  Lift legs straight in air and then drop legs to the left then right as 1 rep..quickly!)  In the video the guy is holding the barbell above his chest off of the rack.  I want it racked instead so you can move your legs quicker and focus more on your abs versus stabilizing the weight over your chest.

10 GHD situps (go to parallel if you struggle with bending over the GHD and touching the floor with your hands.  Snap your legs straight as you sit up and fling your arms to touch your toes)

10 hanging knee raises (hold onto a pull-up bar and lift knees up as high as you can while squeezing your abs.  The more you control the movement and squeeze your abs, the less swing you will have.  Just straight up is fine, you don’t have to bring legs up at an angle like in the video)

10 V-ups (lay on the floor with arms above your head and legs straight out.  Then bring your legs and arms up simultaneously, coming up onto your butt.  Then lower back down not allowing your hands or feet to touch the ground–unlike in the video where she dropped her feet)


A fairly quick circuit but you will definitely feel it the next day!  Watching these YouTube videos I gave you for demos makes me realize I need to make my own since it is so hard to find a video that is exactly what I am looking for.  Add that to the To Do list!  Hope you all have a great weekend and let me know how the circuit goes if you do it!

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