7 Tips for Staying Motivated!

1. Post a picture of your goal/someone who has accomplished your goal/your dream physique- Whether it is set as your phone or computer’s background or posted in your office or on your fridge, having a visual reminder will keep your goal fresh on your mind. Remember, out of sight, out of mind!

2. Meditate right when you wake up about what you will do today to help you reach your goal- By starting your day off with a reminder of what your goal is and what choices you will make today to help you reach them, you will be less likely to stray from your path or make choices that will hurt your efforts.

3. Read blogs that motivate you- Reading blogs are a great way to stay motivated. Most posts are short and sweet and if you find a tasty, clean recipe or a hard workout you’d like to try, it will help keep things new, exciting, and fun! Even some blogs offer great nutrition/workout tips or motivation to keep you striving towards your goal!

4. Get a friend- By having a friend with a similar goal, you can push each other and maybe even create a little competition! Even if you have a friend who has a different goal from yours, if you both share your goals, you can use each other when you need an extra push or reminder of what you want to accomplish.

5. Keep a journal or take weekly pictures- Keeping a journal allows you to look back and read what your days were like before or during your journey towards your goal. If you keep a food journal, you may find you are doing a better job of following your diet. If you simply keep a journal full of thoughts, maybe you see your thoughts becoming more positive or that you have come up with bigger and better ideas since you have started! By taking weekly or bi-weekly pictures, it is easier to see progress. Scales are a form of measurement, but pictures tell you more since most physique goals are based on how you look (more muscular, leaner, etc.) Remember, just because the scale hasn’t moved, doesn’t mean your body isn’t changing composition!

6. Plan out your week (food, workouts, schedule)- If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! If Monday is the start of your week, plan during the weekend for the upcoming week. Buy/cook the necessary food for your meals, plan your workouts and when you will get them in, and try to formulate a schedule whether it is work related, personal, or family. The more organized you are going into the week, the less guess-work and stress you will have! Also, if you have it planned, you are more likely to stick with it.

7. Enjoy the process- If you don’t enjoy it, learn to! As they say it isn’t about the end result but the journey you took to get there! If you don’t have fun with it, most likely you won’t reach your end goal.

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