6-Pack Workout

I hope you all had a great week!  Yesterday was a nice taste of summer for us northern Ohio folks!  Loved the 80 degree weather and can’t wait for summer–more working out outside!

So while on the topic of working out, since my 6 Exercises You Should be Doing  for Abs post was so popular, I might as well provide you with a workout to kick start your weekend that includes some ab exercises to get your midsection ready for summer 🙂  Enjoy!

5-10 minute warm up

Main Workout:

  • 50 overhead squats (make sure you have proper form)
  • At every minute on the minute, you must perform 3 pull-ups for the duration of the time it takes you to complete your 50 overhead squats

Ab Circuit (3 x through):

  • 10 toes to bar (leg/knee raises if you can’t do toes to bar)
  • 10 Russian twists with weight
  • 10 Plank Army Crawls forward and backward (5 forward/5 backward–5 each arm) – plank position on elbows. move right arm forward and left leg forward, then left arm forward and right leg forward.  Then same thing for last 5 reps but move backwards.  Opposite arm/leg move together and the goal is to keep tight core and prevent your hips from sinking, rising, or shifting.
  • 10 barbell roll outs (either from standing or knees)


Let me know if you complete the workout and how it went!

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