5 Reasons You May Not be Losing Weight

So how are your new years resolutions going so far?  Do you even remember what your resolutions are that you set Jan 1st?  I know things may have gotten frustrating by now.  You may not think you’ve seen  any progress, let alone the image you imagined would stare back at you in the mirror by this point.

But do not get frustrated!  If you are not losing weight, your clothes are not getting any looser, and you don’t think you have seen any change physically, then ask yourself these questions to set yourself up for success as you push through this point and continue on your weight loss journey!

1. Why do I want to lose weight and am I willing to give it 100%?

If you do not have a good reason as to why you want to lose weight, most likely you will quickly give up on this goal.  You have to know why you want to accomplish this goal, you have to want to achieve this goal for you, and you have to want it bad enough to do whatever it takes.  If you are only willing to do what is convenient, do not expect to accomplish your goal.

2.  Do I really know how much I am eating?

How are you keeping track of how much you are consuming on a daily basis?  If you aren’t keeping track at all, there is a good chance you are overeating, or possibly under-eating for that matter.  Keeping a food log is a great way to see how many calories you are consuming and where they are coming from!

3.  Am I eating the right foods for me?

Sometimes eating foods that do not react well with your body can cause bloating, gas, and weight gain or retention.  The best advice I have is to eat unprocessed foods and stay away from things that are not found in nature.  This will decrease a lot of issues you may be having with certain foods and can potentially lead to weight loss, unless you are eating nut butter by the spoonfuls of course!

4.  How am I measuring progress?

There are several ways to track fat loss whether by using a scale, body fat measurements, tape measurements, or pictures.  The scale can reflect water retention/depletion, weight gain due to the weight of food consumed, muscle gain, etc.  It is one of the least accurate ways to track body fat loss, unless you have quite a bit of weight to lose.  Body fat measurements are not very accurate via the pinch method especially if you have someone different testing you each time.   A more accurate way of testing body fat percentage is underwater weighing or the bodpod.  However, those methods can be pricey and this is not something you would only do a couple times a year.  Taking tape measurements can definitely be a great way to measure body fat lost since fat loss equals circumference loss, but pictures are my favorite way of tracking progress.  I know pictures do not come with numbers attached which makes tracking and goal setting easier, but at the end of the day do you want to see a specific number on the scale or do you want to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see?

5.  Am I getting anything out of this process?

If you are just completely miserable, then why are you doing this?  The journey towards your goal may be hard, but the hard times are what make achieving your goal that much more rewarding.  Try not to put so much pressure on yourself and have fun along the way.  Remember it is all about the journey, not the end goal itself that makes it all worth it.  Plus the added stress can be the cause of weight retention/gain! Try and cook with foods you have never used before, educate yourself through reading and experimenting with what works for you and what doesn’t, and make the process fun!

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