New Years Challenge

‘Tis the season for sales, deals, and 30 day challenges.  I hate 30 day challenges.  It is not enough time to set someone up for success and often results in coaches doing drastic things so the participants see results.  Not only are those results unsustainable, but they often risk your health.  You work hard, you may workout even harder, and you most likely don’t get enough sleep.  Throw an overly restrictive diet on top of all that, and expect to shoot yourself in the “hormonal” foot.  So why go that route if there is a better alternative?

Last year I offered a 3 month challenge.  It went really well and the results were fantastic!  But this year I am making this challenge even better!  Here is the overview of what the challenge entails:

  1. I am giving MONEY and Nova 3 Labs and About Time supplements away!  I always hate seeing challenges that only give prize money to the top people who saw the best results.  There is more that goes into weight loss than simply eating less.  There are always a small handful of clients that struggle with their hormone health which can impact the speed of progress, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t putting in the same effort.  In years past, I just didn’t do prizes, but this year things are changing.   This year I am giving money to the top 2 most impressive transformations, the most inspirational, and supplements to the winners of several challenges throughout the 6 months!

2.  Instead of a three month challenge, this challenge will be six months long for the price of five months of coaching!  The idea is that you will have the coaching and community support to crush your goals going into beach season!  No more falling off the New Year’s resolution train two months in!  NO MORE EXCUSES!

3.  Instead of paying for it all up front, you can pay month to month.  After you’ve paid for your 5th month, your 6th month will be FREE.  You can also sign up for any level of contact you wish to have whether it is every other week email check-ins ($100/month), email updates every week with text access ($140), phone calls every other week and email check-ins on alternating weeks with text access ($160).  If at any point you wish to drop down or increase in the level of coaching during the challenge, just reach out to me BEFORE you are charged for the next month and we can adjust it.

  4.  You will receive an individual macro prescription, a 17-page coaching guide, a spreadsheet to track macros and weight, nutrient timing, supplement recommendations, and hydration minimums.

5.  Instead of checking in via the FB group like my last challenge, you will check in via email (or phone calls).  This allows everything to be a bit more personal and private.  We will still have a FB group, but that will be for education, questions that you have throughout the week, group communication, and community support!

6.  Current KG-Fit nutrition clients are also welcome to join in on the fun!  All you need to do is verbalize that you want to sign up for the challenge, I will add you to the FB group, and then your 6th month (June) will be free!

7.  Official start date is January 1st!  You must be signed up by Dec 22nd to participate!  All I will need is your first month’s payment to reserve your spot!  Spots are limited so don’t wait too long!


Every new year provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the past, take note of what we did well, perhaps where and how we fell short, and a fresh start to attack new goals for 2018.  This year, instead of struggling with nutrition on your own, why not have someone guide you along your journey?  Why not be apart of a supportive community that will hold you accountable and make this journey way more fun?  And why not do it for the free month of coaching and the possibility to WIN prizes?!

Email to sign up or if you have any questions!