I Have a Secret

I am at a coffee shop meeting with a financial advisor and she asks me “Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years career wise? Like what is your dream job?” and I am pretty sure I let out a little giggle as I said “I am doing my dream job!”me and steve
I have never been someone who wanted to work for someone else, and as I worked a
number of jobs, I never felt I had found the right fit. I was an assistant coach for two D1 college swimming programs, but being an assistant was never my thing as I like to have ownership, and it still felt like college swimming wasn’t exactly my niche. I have coached Crossfit and even though I enjoyed coaching, I enjoyed creating the programming more so. But when I started coaching others on nutrition, I loved it, I just had to figure out how to make it my job.
This January was the month I became a full-time entrepreneur. Was I 100% comfortable with leaving behind the steady income coaching job I had at the time, not exactly, but the time had come and I made the leap. Now I sit here doing things I know wouldn’t have come into fruition had I not left.
People are so afraid of change. I have been fired twice from jobs since I graduated college. My first job I coached college swimming and I almost never got into coaching again because of my boss, but I didn’t want him to be the reason I didn’t give college coaching another try, so I chose to coach at Youngstown for the next three years where I got my masters. I also got fired from a coaching job in Pittsburgh because of reasons almost humorous, but my instincts had been telling me to run anyways, so maybe they did my psyche a favor, outside of now needing to find another job.  
IMG_2031Each time I got knocked down, I figured it out.  Each time I found a new job that led me
onto a path that has shaped my present.  Maybe I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never had to experience long term unemployment before I found something, but sometimes I think life finds you if you are open to it.  Being more of a Type B person, I think my parents were always more worried about my future than I was.  However, I knew worrying wouldn’t get me anywhere.  I knew that if I took enough actions, something would happen.  
I was talking with one of my previous clients last night about life and how sometimes when I look back on my life, I can only smile.  God has beautifully crafted my journey.  I put in the necessary work, but let Him guide me along the way.  There is not one path that I took that doesn’t now make sense.  I am where I am because of all of the good and all of the bad.  I have learned lessons, gained valuable experience, have met amazing people, and worked to support my passion until I could turn it into a full-time reality.
me and dion
This morning I was talking to a friend of mine who’s moved out west.  We haven’t talked in months and it was so nice to catch up on how his business was going, and he asked about mine.  As he showered me with words of affirmation about how awesome it is to doing what I love, how it’s grown, and how proud he is of me, I couldn’t help but smile like a cheshire cat and say “it IS awesome!”.  I am not afraid to show my joy or the fact that I am proud of myself.  I know I have a lot to learn and accomplish, but I am happy and like that cat, I do have a secret.  I have found my freedom.  I have created something that is my own and I work for another company that has helped me grow to where I am now, doing what I love.  I have a sense of ownership and am able to be creative through conversation and my mentorship as I educate others.  I help people feel better about themselves mentally and physically which gives me gratification.  I have met so many awesomely unique people from all over the world who also give a piece of themselves to me whether through their trust, knowledge in their field, or their personal life.  I love what I do and have an awesome support system that makes me better through challenging me as well as cheering me on.  I’ve noticed I find myself laughing or smiling to myself like how is this my life?  But this is my life, and I am happy and I am free.