Tea With Grandma

As my orange ginger tea is steeping and I wait for the Josh Groban holiday playlist on Pandora to come on, my thoughts drift off to Thanksgiving and how I will miss my grandma’s presence there for the 2nd year.  It is always hard knowing I won’t be squeezed by her warm embrace and filled with her radiant sunshine that sneaks out through her genuine smile.

Sure enough, as only God/my grandma would have it, Josh Groban’s “To Where You Are” was the first song that came on Pandora.  Sometimes it is the little things that makes me know she is still here with me listening and being that positive light she always was.

Two years ago before Christmas she fell and some complications lead to her surprising passing.  She was a healthy, bubbly 83 year old and had quite a few good years left…or so we all thought and hoped.

In the writing of her eulogy, I wanted to touch on a few things that really represented who she was to me: a fun, loving, thrill seeking, angel (I really did think she was one when I was younger).  Perhaps only her sassiness and occasional swear words later in life made me reconsider 😉

She was the epitome of what I strive to be.  She was an independent woman and always was one for adventure.  As she aged she kept her desire to see and experience new things.  She was full of love and never seemed to get enough of her family..especially her grandchildren.  My grandma wasn’t afraid to say what she thought either (more so as she aged!).  And what I valued most, was our talks about life, love, and what we saw ourselves doing/where we would live/etc when we were older.  There was no judgement, only positive reinforcement.

Sometimes I wonder what she would say about my life so far and what I hope to do with it. I wonder if she would be quite and just pray I figure it out, or if she would be positive and provide good ideas (while still praying of course)..I always assume the latter.

I drink the last of my tea and even though this is not what I originally set out to do with my hour before training, it is something I felt the need to do.  Since this week is about Thanksgiving, I thank God for providing me with such a loving role model in my life and for close friends that possess some of her same qualities that provide the support and nourishment to continue to become a better, more fulfilling person.