Pull-up Strength Workout

It has been a while since I have blogged.  I think I have been waiting for the dust from the whirlwind of the last month to settle down a bit to jump back on the horse or the many horses I have put away for the time being.

vacuumRecently I have been apartment hunting, moved most of my stuff into an apartment over the course of 3-4 trips two weeks ago only to move back out over the course of the next week/weekend due to the carpets clearly not having been shampooed.  Or rather, they stated the previous tenant used dry shampoo after I complained, but that is definitely not the same as steam shampooing a carpet.  Shouldn’t steam cleaning carpets between tenants be a law or something?

This is all from the apartment! <———-

I remember walking into the apartment for the first time.  The previous tenant was in the process of moving out so things were slightly unorganized, but that did not bother me.  It was the dirt on the carpets and cat food on the kitchen floor that gave me a bad feeling and I had an urge to get out immediately (I am a slight germ freak).  I had to come back a week later once it was “cleaned” to feel more comfortable with the place.  Well clearly I should have went with my gut.

So last week/weekend consisted mostly of moving back out and apartment searching again.  Luckily I found one last Sunday that I liked immediately and felt comfortable with and will be moving in this weekend.  To say I will be happy once this is all over is an understatement!

I promise to give you all more workouts and recipes once I am settled back in but figured I would start today off with a workout 🙂

This is one of the workouts from my Pull-up Strength Class I run at Integrated Fitness.  It is a 6-week program where the athletes will come once a week for an hour workout, with testing the first and last week for progress.  Next week is our last week and I am excited to see how they all do!


Week 3 Pull-Up Class:

Mobility: lax ball lats/scaps
Neg Pull-ups: 4 x 5 (4 sec count)–jump chin over the bar (use a box) then 4 sec descent.
Single arm DB rows 4×8 (right arm/knee is on bench while left foot is on ground and left arm is rowing DB)
Tempo ring pull-ups 4×3-4 (2121) (2 seconds on way up, 1 sec at top of pull-up, 2 seconds on way down, 1 sec rest at full extention before next pull-up)
Toes to post/bar/rings 3 x 10 (strict)
Band pull down 3 x 15 (like a lat pulldown but with a band since most Crossfit gyms don’t have lat pull downs.  Use both hands on the band and make sure you get full extension.)
Horizontal scap rainbows 3 x 12 (lay down on bench, squeeze shoulders back so back is tight and chest digs into bench.  Arms are extended straight out in a T position then slowly move in an arch to above the head in an I position.  If your arms dip closer to the ground as they move above your head, lower weight or don’t use any weight.)
Cashout: L-sit hold on parallettes 4 x :30 (you can also do this by hanging on a pull-up bar and keeping legs parallel to the ground..this would also work your grip!)

If you want specific programming or PT, shoot me an email at kyliegamelierfitness@gmail.com!  I do that as well, not just nutrition! 😉