Spandex, Duck Tape, and Attitude–4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Experiencing a Setback

As I get into my spandex capris, I suddenly have this overwhelming feeling that they feel a little loser than I remember as I do a sideways glance in the mirror to make sure my rear doesn’t look smaller.  I chalk it up to my imagination since I did just take my measurements and it certainly has not shrinked since the last time I took them (wohoo!).  Yes, probably for the first time in my life I feared my quads and butt have shrunk.  I like to think when you are excited to see what your body is capable of without the fear of what you will look like, you are able to fully reach athletic potential.

It has been almost 1 month since I have squatted with anything more than my bodyweight, nor have I done any upper body work for that matter. I am frustrated and annoyed by this setback considering my insane progress I was experiencing the month I decided to stop dieting for figure and started training for Crossfit.  I have failed to do a figure competition this year and I had to pull out of a Crossfit competition as well (what I started training for).  I tell myself that even though I have failed to meet my two athletic goals for the year, this does not make me a failure and that it is all apart of being an athlete in any arena (short term memory since I have struggled with issues all through college as well).

575330_10100621541702542_679072847_nThere are two ways I could go about dealing with this problem.  I could view this as a catastrophe and cry at the gym as I am duck taped to the rower or air dyne about how my life is over and I should just give up and eat ice cream in a corner (dairy free or else things could get a lot worse..or interesting..depending on your humor).  Or I could do what I can and view it as an opportunity to get better at the things I probably would not have focused too hard on otherwise.  There may still be some complaining as I am not perfect, but I do try and refocus my thoughts to be more positive (yes that is me to the right..probably was just notified my food intake was going to be rationed).  So how can anyone go about reframing when upset?  Ask yourself these 4 questions:

1.  What is my goal?

My goal is to be successful in whatever I choose to excel in (right now being crossfit).  To me that is ultimately making regionals whether through a team or individually within the next 2 years.  I also have a lot of PR goals that I am constantly working towards whether in a specific workout or a lift.

2.  What am I doing to get myself closer to that goal?

So when I am stuck rowing, biking, deadlifting, and working on my power output weakness, it is hard for me to be negative.  Instead of always thinking how mad I am that I can’t do my favorite pieces of training (squats and oly work) or that I may not be able to reach my PR goals for 2013 due to this setback, I change my thoughts to how important it is for my weak deadlift to get stronger if I want to be competitive in the sport and how horrible my power output is when it comes to anything difficult that lasts longer than 10 seconds.  Knowing that I am working on my weaknesses, I know that I am getting better and closer to my main goal regardless of what I can’t do.

3.  Am I doing all that I can do to reach my goal?

The easy part is training hard.  The hard part is taking time off to heal, making good
choices in the kitchen (or out to dinner), and getting enough sleep with the first being the most difficult.  I view time off as something I have no choice over.  If my body is not ready, then it is not ready.  I have seen too many people continue to push through their issues and either never heal which forces them to constantly train under their potential or they end up with a more serious injury.  So what can we do?  Outside of working hard at what you CAN do in the gym, make sure to take care of your body through eating well, working on mobility, seeing a specialist/PT, etc.  Do what is necessary to help your body heal as quick as possible!

4.  What is my attitude and does it need altered?

At the end of the day, there is nothing you can do about your situation but to accept it,attack what you can do, and try not to be a pain in the rear to everyone you come into contact with.  I know I need to work on either not talking about my ailments or staying more positive with my situation (at least I think), but it is hard and I continue to work on it!  When I am alone with my thoughts, I try to always change a negative into a positive like I mentioned above.  Just because I can’t do something doesn’t mean I don’t have an opportunity to work on something else.  It is all about reframing your thoughts!


So keep training smart and stay positive!!

Women’s ultimate Crossfit fear: looking like a man

I feel that our generation is coming around in terms of understanding that women can do more in the gym besides the elliptical and eat more than salads.  As Crossfit increases in popularity, more women are drinking the kool-aid and walking into the gym to give it a go.  However, I still sense a hesitation from many when it comes to really lifting heavy and eating more than 1300 calories a day.  This hesitation seems to come from a fear of the idea that women who lift heavy turn into men.  In the article I give four tips for women to embrace their genetic potential.  I wrote this article for where I coach, so give the article a read (yes men can read this as well)!

I have heard it all from having pecs that  make strapless tops not so flattering to having traps that make your guy friends jealous. There is also a good chance I have both of these wonderful qualities and you know what, I could care less, nor do I think these things make me look anything like a man!  So before you decide to skip out on squat day in fear you may produce a quarter bouncin’ rear that would ensure you would have to buy new jeans, read through these 4 tips to embracing your genetic potential….as a woman!

1.  Find Your Ideal Physique

So first off ladies, you need to evaluate what you see as your ideal physique, determine whether or not it is realistic, and then figure out what you can do to get there.  The key component is picking an ideal physique that your genetics are capable of producing, and fortunately for us women, genetics does not allow us to look like men without the help of illegal assistance. Lindsey Valenzuela could never look like Christmas Abbott because she does not have the petite frame and most likely, Christmas could never look like Lindsey unless she stopped doing all forms of cardio and ate everything in site, and even then, most likely she would not accomplish this.

2.  Learn to Love Your Body

Crossfit is known to enhance muscle mass and be a great way to burn a crap ton of calories which can lead to a leaner physique (diet permitting).

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