Done with School/Free Weekend Workout

Wohoo!!  I am finally done with grad school minus a few assignments I have to do this weekend (fortunately my professor doesn’t care that they are late)!  It has taken me 2.5 years to complete my degree and for those of you who have held full time jobs and take classes, you know how exciting the thought of having more time is!  Now I can spending more time studying nutrition and fitness related info 😉

But as I still need to pack my food for pretty much all my meals for today and leave for work in 10 min, I just wanted to give you a workout to try over the weekend.

**If you are in the Youngstown area, my bootcamp is 8-9am on Saturday at Fitch high school in Austintown!  Come and join us!**

10 x 100 yard sprints

After each sprint, there is an exercise:

  • 1/6- 15 V-ups
  • 2/7- 15 pushups (from knees is fine–make sure to keep hips in line with upper body)
  • 3/8- Left and Right leg lunge hold
  • 4/9- hold hollow rock position (hands above head/legs straight out/balance on butt) for 15 seconds, then 15 Russian Twists to each side
  • 5/10- 30 second plank hold

Quicky but a great leg/ab killer!  Have a great weekend!

No More Excuses–Monday Motivation 6/23

Quite frequently I hear individuals talk about falling off of the clean eating wagon.  Now here are some typical excuses I hear:

  1. It’s that time of the month
  2. I just couldn’t resist it
  3. I only had a little bit (just happened to occur every day this week)
  4. I just need to find a healthier option for my salt/sugar craving
  5. I don’t know of any healthy snack recipes

I am sure there are plenty more, but you get the point.  Excuses are excuses.  I have used them too and even try to fool myself into believing my excuses, but at the end of the day, I know I am not fooling myself.

Now I don’t necessarily crave at a specific time of the month, but more or less at random.  Sometimes it is chocolate, carbs, or more nut butter than I am allowed, and sometimes it is anything I haven’t had in a while that my brain sees as calories to stop the fat loss.

Part of dieting is understanding your body and why it is making you crave a certain food.  If you aren’t sleeping enough, your body will crave like crazy, especially carbs.  If you aren’t drinking enough, your body will make you feel hungry in hopes you will drink more water.  If you are losing weight, expect it to be hard to resist fatty/high calorie treats, regardless of how healthy they may be (dark chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, veggie/sweet potato chips,etc) because your body is trying to stop the fat loss.   If you eat bad foods when stressed, try to find an alternative way to deal with the stress such as working out or seeing a counselor.  I know if I find myself opening the cupboards or fridge, I am simply bored and need to remove myself from the house for a few hours so I am not tempted.

Now once you register the reasons as to why you may be craving, the next step is to either resist completely or find a substitute that will fill that craving.  I have read that if you repeatedly say no to cravings, they decrease (or more likely, your “No Power” increases–yes I am coining that phrase) where if you constantly fall off the wagon every time you crave, it becomes harder and harder to say no.  I know that saying no is difficult and sometimes you are just feigning for something, so in these instances, find a healthy alternative!

Now excuse #4 and #5 (need to find a healthy alternative/don’t know of any healthy alternatives) makes me laugh/want to slam my face into a wall.  It’s like everyone has forgotten we now have cell phones and the Internet.  I try to post recipes every once in a while because I want to share healthy recipes that I enjoy, but there are so many blogs/sites out there…have you ever checked out Pinterest?  I do try to avoid Pinterest at times, especially when the bodybuilders have decided to pin food porn–I can’t stand looking at things I can’t eat.  But there are a crap ton of healthy recipes…or recipes that are supposedly not too unhealthy that I end up tailoring to fit my macro needs.  So pull up Google, and search..for anything!

And I have not determined whether I am a mastermind in the kitchen or I have just found ways to get creative with my food because I am a foodie.  So I challenge you to get creative!  Throw stuff together and see what happens!  Shoot..that’s pretty much all of my meals, even the ones I have a recipe for–which could explain why a normal person may not be jumping up and down for another serving, but hey, it works for me.

So instead of making excuses why you are shoving a huge spoonful of ice cream into your mouth as quickly as possible in case someone catches you, why not find an alternative to make it fit into your daily caloric intake.

Ex: 1 serving cottage cheese, 1 Tbl. cocoa powder, 1 Tbl. Walden Farms chocolate syrup.  Blend together and eat as pudding or put in freezer until it is more of a frozen yogurt texture.  Maybe add some berries and some chopped nuts for an extra crunch.

Take responsibility, be accountable for your actions, and no more excuses!  Get creative and before you know it, you will reach your physique goal!