2.5 Weeks Out

Originally Posted On June 25, 2012

It has been way too long since I last posted.. 4 days or so? I have been non-stop and have not had a chance to really sit down and write my next post. Between commuting and working two jobs, training, food prep, moving, and getting ready for vacation Friday, it has been insane to say the least. I also need to get my oil changed, possibly new tires, and my car inspected this week. I also want to make sure I do as much work stuff as possible before I leave because I don’t want to think about it while I am at the beach. So I promise I will at least have one more post about aerobic training-how to combat the negative effects. I am also going to be writing a post for my other boss at Finish First about aerobic training and hockey. I will let you know when it is complete so you can go check it out on his blog.

But anyway, I am currently less than 3 weeks out from my next competition. This may have been the most mentally challenging preps that I have had, but I guess I have only had two others for comparison. I have been dieting since November and I believe mentally and physically, my body is tired. My weight has been hard to get back down after my last show, but I can’t say that my diet has been perfect. My diet has never been perfect, but it seems that my body is wanting me to work extra hard in order for it to drop fat. My trainer has made adjustments this week to my diet and I am sure I will be fine as long as I stick to it like glue and not stress over it all-success so far. And even though the timing of my family vacation may not be ideal, it may be exactly what I need–a week of relaxing and swimming in the ocean, reading an assortment of books, and long walks on the beach I will be bringing some necessities with me in order to stay on track.

Here is a list of the odd things I will be bringing:

scale (body and food)
dumbbells (8′s, 20′s, 35′s- no gym access close by so I will use these for most of my workouts..i am creative!)
TRX strap (great for chest, back, bis, tris, and abs! I have an off-brand one, but works just as great.)
6-pack bag (greatest investment ever)
enough food to fuel me for 2-3 days..you never know!
bike (my mom and I both bring our road bikes down-yes she is where I got my exercise addiction from)
That is all I have written down for now, but besides my bikinis, I’d say I have the essentials written down! As for books, I hope I get inspired within the next few days. For the first time in a while I have no idea what kind of books I want to read! I love to use vacation as a time to catch up on my reading. I did get the Happiness Project since I have been wanting to read that for years. I like anything from WWII stories like Unbroken (a favorite!) to self-help/entrepreneur books to fiction. If you have a suggestion, comment below! I would love to hear what you have enjoyed reading!

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